Characteristic properties
-  High strength
-  Good fatigue resistance
-  Good corrosion resistance
-  High resistance to stress corrosion cracking
-  High energy absorption
-  Very good machinability

-  General-purpose applications and environments
-  Buildings, bridges, and storage construction
-  Storage tanks
-  Flood-gates
-  Water treatment
-  Pulp and paper equipment
-  Architectural wall panels and structural members
-  Road tanks
-  Dimpled jackets

General Characteristics
BISCRA 2101 is a low-alloyed, general purpose duplex stainless steel. Its high mechanical strength is similar to that of other duplex grades and its good corrosion resistance is on par with that of most standard stainless steel grades. Combined, these properties can be utilized to arrive at a design optimized with respect to strength, maintenance, durability and long-term cost effciency.

Chemical characteristics
The chemical composition is shown in Table 1.

The balanced chemical composition of BISCRA 2101 results in a microstructure containing approximately equal amounts of ferrite and austenite after annealing at a temperature of about 1920˚F/1050˚C. Due to its relatively low alloying content, BISCRA 2101 is less prone to precipitation of intermetallic phases than other duplex steels. The high nitrogen content results in rapid re-formation of austenite in weld thermal cycles.


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