PT Bima Bisalloy

PT Bima Bisalloy is a Joint Venture (JV) company of Bisalloy Steels Pty. Ltd the only Australia’s manufacturer of high strength and abrasion & wear resistant steel plate known as Bisplate, and PT Bima Narendra a leading specialty metals distribution company based in Indonesia and has an extensive business network throughout South East Asian countries. Together, the two companies have successfully pooled their talents and become the major driving force for the successful JV operation in Indonesia.

Since its modest establishment back in December 1994, PT Bima Bisalloy has grown from strength to strength to become a large and profitable company in Indonesia.

PT Bima Bisalloy is probably the only professional company in the country that specialized in these niche markets and has extensive experience in handling wear resistant and high strength steels.

PT Bima Bisalloy has a long term commitment to service its customers and to continually grow its niche market in Indonesia and the surrounding regions. Our company provides various processing services such as drilling, cutting, bending, rolling, etc.

In addition, using its network of International suppliers, the company has the capacity to offer special grades of steels according to customer specification on large orders.

In 2001, PT Bima Bisalloy was the first distribution company in Indonesia to be certified with ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Since then, the company has consistently maintained its ISO accreditation and has implemented the ISO principles as part of the company quality policy.